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Sisters of the Company of Mary


The Order of the Company of Mary our Lady was founded by Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac in Bordeaux, France in 1607.

Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac was born in 1556, in France during difficult time of religious unrest. The Lord revealed to her that she should help souls who were following the path to hell; they were the youth who had no access to education during the period of religious clashes, between Catholics and Calvinists.

One day, on September 23rd, 1605 during the Eucharistic celebration, two Jesuits Priests, De Bordes and Raymond received a revelation: to help Jeanne form a religious Order to educate young girls as the Jesuits educated young boys at that time.

On April 7th 1607, the Order of the sisters of the Company of Mary our Lady was approved by Pope Paul V. Since then the Company of Mary our Lady cares for the education of the Youth. Hence, our educational style is deeply rooted in our tradition: "extending the hand in raising the dignity of persons with the gospel values as the ideal."

In imitation of Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac, the members of the Company of Mary our Lady, desire to keep the flame of love in their hearts and in those of the Youth they teach throughout the world in social Centres, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Universities and Parishes. They also extend their mission by caring for the sick in hospitals and dispensaries.  In addition to that the sisters are also involved in manual works.

We thank God for his hand which has led through the history for his greater glory.

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School Mission

Inspired by the tradition of Jesuit education, Gonzaga Preparatory & Primary school educates young people to become morally responsible men and women for others who think critically, act wisely, and work skilfully to advance the common good.

School Vision

Gonzaga Preparatory & Primary School strives for excellence in all things. We train our pupils to learn and seek the more for the greater good and the greater glory of God.  Strive for excellence in all things means that our students need to have high expectations and standards. In other words, they must not only be whole hearted in all things they do, but also they must develop fully their potentials, gifts and talents.


School Motto: Education for love and service

St. Ignatius of Loyola, the architect of the Jesuit Education, wants his students to grow in finding God in all things. “In all things to love and to serve” is the particular expression of what he wanted his followers to be. St. Aloysius Gonzaga being a Jesuit school, we train our students to find God in all things. In this way Love and Service becomes the practical expression of a mature faith.


School Prayers

Eternal Father we thank you for the gift of life.
We ask you to enlighten our intellect, will and responsibility,
Create in us a spirit of love and service,
Enable us grow to become truly men and women for others.
We commend our teachers, families and friend to you,
Bless all of them,
Bless our School and Country!

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